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“Yeast infection no more review- the shocking truth about curing yeast infection”

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Is there really a safer, drug free method for curing yeast infection? This Yeast infection no more review checks out a holistic method developed by nutritionist, health consultant and former Yeast Infection Sufferer Linda Allen.

Her step by step method of curing yeast infection (caused by the candida albicans fungus) which typically develops in the specific areas of the body.

Usually, treating yeast infections and the candida albicans fungus involves a visit to a medical practitioner where anti fungal creams and even anti fungal tablets may be prescribed to treat yeast infection.

The problem with treating yeast infection by using prescribed drugs or topical solutions (according to nutritionist and former yeast infection sufferer Linda Allen) is that because the yeast infection industry is a multimillion dollar industry- theyre never going to tell the real truth about their worthless products.

Linda Allen further adds that conventional yeast infection products are your worst enemy- and boldly claims that the manufacturers for yeast infection products dont want you to be cured of your health problem. (that way, they get to keep you as a customer for life…)

Her 12 year research and personal experience with conventional yeast infection medications show that 95 % of people affected with yeast infections end up worse than they were before.

90 percent of the populace has candida albicans – but most cases arent severe- and those that experience extreme yeast infection are taking medications such as antibiotics that are slowly but surely putting their own health at risk.

There seems to be a number of extremely satisfied customers that will vouch for Linda Allens holistic method of finally curing and getting rid of the candida alibicans fungus- which causes yeast infection.

Conventional methods and practices include therapies designed for uncomplicated yeast infection and also the more complicated yeast infection sufferers.

For moderate or less complicated yeast infections, most medical practitioners often prescribe a three-day regimen where antifungal cream is prescribed. A patient may also be given some ointment, antibiotic tablets or suppositories to treat mild conditions.

For the more severe cases of yeast infection, a longer duration therapy (seven to fourteen days) is normally recommended. (normally, the burning sensation, itching can be extremely uncomfortable in these cases)

In these cases, ointments, anti fungal creams are prescribed (azole medication ) and again- tablets to treat the condition.

Oral medication called multi dose oral medication may even be prescribed in two or three doses of fluconazole in more severe cases which would replace vaginal therapy.

Places where yeast infections can develop include areas around the mouth-, around areas in the dentures- including under the breast, the lower abdomen and the vagina,

Practicing good hygiene can help to reduce and may even completely eliminate the candida albicans fungi, – while some suggest eating yogurt so that the good bacteria (in the yogurt) can help to combat the fungi.

Eating garlic also has a positive effect on reducing and combating yeast infections. (either used as a suppository or taken internally).

Drinking lots of water also helps to fight off the candida albicans fungi. Make sure to consume around 9-10 glasses of water a day. Drink only water that is free from contamination- drinking filtered water is ideal to keep the fungus at bay.

Some people even swear by Apple Cider Vinegar- using it in their baths (mix Apple cider vinegar and water to take a shower) as it kills the candida bacteria. Apple Cider Vinegar is also great when taken orally.

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