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Thrush Remedy

Quick instructional video on steps to treating serious thrush in horse's hoofs, as recommended by The Horse-Journal.

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Ashley Holzer- How the Thrush Tip Applicator is used for treatment in horse thrush.

Ashley Holzer Olympian endorses the Thrush Tip Applicator New from Good Horse Products, an applicator that gets deep where it's needed. The Thrush Tip applicator is designed to reach the bottom of the thin, deep cracks caused by Thrush infections in the hoof. A safe, flexible tip discourages clogging, plus …

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How to use a Cotton Ball with Thrush Medication

This video shows how to effectively treat thrush that hides deep in the collateral groves. If they are deep enough usually the cotton balls will stay in, if this is the case remove every 2-3 days and apply new cotton balls. If they no longer stay in for more than …

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Equine Thrush Applicator how to Treat Severe Hoof Thrush

Animation of how to use the new Thrush Tip applicator pre-order at www.ThrushTip.com or www.GoodHorseProducts.com to treat horse thrush in hooves. The Thrush Tip Applicator is the ideal tip for equine thrush and is easily used with egg bar, slide plate, pads, many other uses in the hoof and of …

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The Red Smoothie Detox Factor