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Starting a New Candida Treatment Protocol | 4/13/2014

I'll be starting my new candida treatment protocol within the next couple of days. I'm going to make videos explaining exactly what I'll be doing and what I'll be eating for the next 3 months. Also I plan to vlog a lot more and show a lot of the meals I'm going to be eating. If you're interested in following my journey to see if I get better, please subscribe and like my facebook:
I'll be posting stuff there too, like pictures of meals and such.

Thanks for all the support – PJ

MY STORY: I want to help others with my story so that they can avoid the same mistakes I made. This is a shortened version of my full story. To see my full story go to my facebook:

Hi, My name is PJ, I'm 24, and I've been struggling with severe acne, social anxiety and depression for ten years (since I was 14). These symptoms started mild, but got increasingly worse over the years. I was covered in cystic acne by age 17. Being a shy person to begin with, this pushed me into isolation. I was extremely fearful of social situations and talking to people. My life became so painful that I couldn't function anymore. I was put on antidepressants and various acne medications (antibiotics, Proactive, retin-a). Nothing helped. Nothing actually got to the root of what was causing my symptoms. I had to do my own research to find out what was causing this. My only option was to get better.

In November 2012 I started trying to heal my body naturally and holistically on my own through diet, supplements, and exercise. I did everything: Raw vegan diet, paleo diet, switched my skin care routine to honey and natural oils, started taking tons of supplements. I even saw a naturopath, where the trial and error continued. After 9 months of trial and error and thousands of dollars spent, I had little results to show for it, but more depression.

In August 2013 I went to a functional medicine doctor to get testing done. I found out that I have low testosterone (80 year old man level), low thyroid, 20 food allergies, leaky gut syndrome, scoliosis, and low vitamin D. I cut out all my food allergies from my diet, and started taking supplements to heal my gut. In October I detoxed my body with powerful supplements and a strict detox diet.

After the detox was over I experienced chronic fatigue for 6 months (I still have CFS now). The detox threw my entire body into a tailspin. I wasn't able to do simple things we take for granted without needing a nap after, like showering or eating. Everything became extremely exhausting, and this increased my depression. This was not normal, and my doctor knew there was some kind of infection. So, I took a GI stool analysis in February 2014, and the results showed I have a SEVERE CANDIDA OVERGROWTH. This is most likely the root cause of all my symptoms I've experienced over the past 10 years. Finally I had an answer as to why I was getting worse instead of better. I am currently on my second round of treating this candida with the antifungal Nystatin and on an anti candida diet which excludes the foods that feed candida. (carbs, sugars, even fruit, vinegars, etc.)

I continue to update on my situation, what I'm doing, and the results. To follow my journey please subscribe to my YouTube channel:
and follow me on Facebook:

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