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Copy of Understanding Candida Yeast in Stool – Candida Hub’s article on Candida in Stool. Also visit the site to find out about a natural, 12 hour cure for yeast infections that will also keep them gone for good!

So, you are noticing a strange white, thread like mass in your stool. Yes, this very well could be Candida. This microscopic yeast can and does live in the intestines of many people; normally without causing problems. Yet, when conditions are right, this opportunistic pathogen can overgrow and compromise your health. Yeast in the gut can burrow into your intestinal walls, secrete aflatoxins, and aggravate bowel inflammation. Inflammation in the bowels can lead to Candida more easily colonizing these areas; thus a dangerous cycle can occur. If you have some form of inflammatory bowel disease, making sure you gut is free of excess yeast is going to be a crucial step to helping your recover!

So what does Candida in the stool look like; well, in this video we include one picture of yeast that came out of fecal matter (the poop was washed away) and this is generally how it will look. Candida Hub has more pictures of yeast in the stool for you to check out–just visit the page via the link above. Candida can grow long germ tubes (hyphae) and thus the white mass can appear as a conglomerate, stringy white mass. You may see the Candida leaving your intestines in such a manner after you take strong actions to get rid of this fungus in your intestines. Making this a priority can greatly improve your health and help to insure you feel your best in the future!

Candida in the digestive system, as research has shown, is linked to increased occurrence of vaginal yeast infections, food allergies, and general allergies. There are a whole host of symptoms that can result when you have too much yeast in your body. A very likely way vaginal yeast infections start is by Candida moving from the anus into the vagina. Eliminating this intestinal reservoir of yeast can help to alleviate recurrent Candidiasis.

Candida hub has articles on anal yeast infections, leaky gut syndrome, and general gut yeast infections. If you’d like to learn more about these topics, you may find these topic discussions very valuable. And, you can also learn about a cleanse you can perform to help remove the yeast from your gut. But, this cleanse is designed to be very intense and can help to rapidly destroy the yeast in your body. Hopefully, after you get this problem taken care of, your fecal matter will start to look like normal; and, you won’t have any white, stringy masses of Candida in your stool!

Yet, there is a holistic solution to permanently stop yeast infections that has worked for people all around the world. Infact, it can get rid of an infection in 12 hours time! If you are prone to yeast infections, and even have an intense systemic yeast infection, this program can give you total freedom from this stubborn problem. This will likely save you a lot of time and money that would have otherwise been used to get prescription or over the counter treatments repeatedly! If you’d like to learn a bit more about this program, you can find out much more on Candida Hub’s article (linked above).

And, if you’d like to find out about essential oils, herbs, and other natural items you can use to treat a yeast infection, Candida Hub has a vast amount of information on these topics. There is a lot of scientific journal studies and other publications utilized to bring you this information; feel free to dig in and read the sources of each article!

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This information provided in this video is not intended to be a prescription for anyone. The content of this video is for informational purposes and is give you information to take to a licensed physician and get their opinion on how to use this information. Consult a medical doctor before using any information provided by this video.

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