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Causes and symptoms of oral thrush – Dr. Jayaprakash Ittigi

Oral thrush is an infection which develops inside the cheeks, on the tongue, on the gum pads and on the tonsils. So, generally known as oro pharyngeal candidiasis or candidiasis. Candida albicans is the fungus which causes oral thrush. So, oral thrush also occurs in case of depressed immunity. So, like HIV patients, AIDS patients, leukemia, uncontrolled diabetes, denture wearers and in case of stress, when there is a trauma to the maxillofacial and when there a injury to the nerve damage to the head and neck regions and also in case of organ transplantation, and especially oral thrush can also be seen in chronic smokers and chronic alcohol patients and also in case of cracked or a broken dentures, where there is an irritation to the palate . Oral thrush is generally a painless infection which occurs on the surface of the tongue, cheeks, gum pads and the tonsils, but when it grows it develops, pain or bleeding on the surface of the gum pads especially if you are going to scrape up with the cotton swabs. So, generally it also shows a slight irritations to the feeding mother and irritations to the feeding baby and toddlers. There is also sharp or dried out skin or cracked skin at the corner of the mouth, whereas in case of feeding mothers, the feeding mothers complain of a white patch or a creamy layer on the surface of the tip of the nipple of the breast and it may transfer to the baby also. So, generally there is a red hot surface over the surrounding of the breast feeding area. Sometimes feeding mother complaints of an irritation and very severe itching and there is a sharp and shooting kind of pain at the site of breast feeding.

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