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Black-Throated Laughing Thrush

These are 4 years old couple. The guy name is "Joker". We call gal "Cixi" (Tu Hi as she sometime can be mean). Guy can do all kind of sound representing other deep jungle, exotic animals including…human words. Girl loves to dance and plays with human. AKA – Khuou Bac …

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1999 Toyota 4Runner Limited ( Thrush Welded Muffler )

This is a Thrush Welded Muffler on my 3rd gen 4unner, I like the way it sounds, nice deep and throaty. quiet at idle after it has warmed up. I had gotten my catalytic converter stolen, so when I went and bought a new from AdvanceAutoParts I decided to go …

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2.8 s10 with thrush muffler

1991 chevy s-10 2.8 v6 with a 5 speed eagle alloy rims and 2.5 inch straight pipe with a thrush magnum muffler turned down right infrint if the rearend

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ツグミの鳴き声 A call of a Dusky thrush with useless visual

冬鳥のツグミです。 花の終わった梅林からキョッ,キョッ,キョッと声が聞こえたので近付いていったところ,ツグミがいました。カメラを回し始めて早々に鳴き止んでしまったので見られる映像では残せませんでした。ツグミをちゃんと見たい方は関連動画をご参照ください。 撮影機材はGZ-HM690です。 関連動画 ツグミさん Dusky thrush シジュウカラの鳴き声 A song and a call of Japanese Tit キビタキ(若鳥)のさえずり A song of a young Narcissus Flycatcher(male) ヤマガラの鳴き声 A call of a Varied Tit with useless visual アオジ鳴き声 A song and a call of Black-faced bunting イカルのさえずり A song of Japanese Grosbeak with useless visual

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