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Thrush muffler

Thrush welded muffler on a 98 f150 4.6l 3" inlet and 2.5" dual outlets. no cats. personally i like my older video when i still had cats. but they were plugged and needed to come off. this is my new motor out of an 02 mustang. i trying to figure …

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Cavalier with Thrush Glasspack!

Muffler had to go, so i put a Thrush glass pack on it i mounted it all myself, i have it clamped at the moment, but I'm going to be welding it soon, Stay tuned for more Videos!

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Thrush Welded 87 350

My 1969 GMC c10 SWB, finished putting an 87 tbi 350 after converting it to carb. Sorry for the shitty sound. Hope to have some burnout videos soon

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