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CAse Study 17 – Ann With Rheumatoid Arthritis, IBS And Candida

Her bowel was almost back to normal at this stage. We put Ann on the low allergy diet, and she had followed this religiously for six months until one day she decided enough was enough. She started to drink a glass of wine with dinner each evening and then the chocolates crept back in. She was in my room within two weeks complaining that the pain had crept back 6 out of 10 and was steadily getting worse by the day.
I asked Ann what had happened and she replied, “Well, I was feeling so good that I thought a glass of wine here and there wouldn't hurt.” And she said she was disappointed with the treatment and she felt she was going backwards. This is when I showed her the diagram and I said it's common for someone to feel well and then all of a sudden feel unwell, particularly, if they slip back into bad habits. In my book, I've actually drawn a diagram of how people think they get well and how they actually recover from a chronic Candida infection or any kind of chronic illness.
I've written here, you improve and then you think all is well, and then you go back to your normal lifestyle. I asked her this, “Did you improve initially?” She said emphatically, “Yes. I haven't felt that well for as long as I can remember.” That's when I said, “Well, you must have been on the right track then. The problem is we didn't keep you on the path long enough and somehow you got lost and took a side track.”
Ann's husband said that his wife thought that she was cured, and this is what I commonly find with many people. They start out with the right intentions. They want to get well bad enough to be good for several weeks to several months, but then the boredom creeps in. The patient becomes frustrated and wants to resume the same diet and lifestyle they had prior to developing the complaint. What they may not be aware of is that one or several of these lifestyle or dietary factors contributed to the demise of their health initially. If they only held out just that bit longer and reintroduced these offending foods and drinks slowly, starting with the item that is least likely to be problematic. People often have a tendency to reintroduce their favorite treats all too early.
This could be you. Many people don't recover. But when they do recover and they recover steadily but surely, they slip back. They start doing the things that they did a long time ago, and then they start regressing or going backwards again. To them it may seem like the treatment is not working, but what they did is they went back to old habits.
Ann left my clinic understanding that it was all up to her. It was going to take time and there will be plenty of ups and downs. No smooth sailing. No quick fixes. No BS. If she's going to get 100 percent well, she has to work hard and persistently and be logical in her approach to recovery. I found that as the gut improves, the fungal condition slowly disappears. And particularly, if you look at the toenails, you'll see a clear demarcation of the healthy toenail growing out and the fungal nail above it. This is a sign that the digestion is improving quite well in most cases. Doctors see no link between the fungal toenail at all and a Candida digestive problem, which is ridiculous, because everything in the body is connected.
Are you like Ann? Are you a person who has lost the persistence or the ability to really want to recover from a yeast infection? That's the point I'm trying to make here. If you really want to recover and recover really well, you need to stay on track long enough and not get sidetracked, not take detours here or there or go sightseeing into things like chocolates or wine or beer or whatever it is that your treat is because these are the things that can lead to demise. They can lead to depression and anxiety because you feel you're not recovering from this chronic condition.
I hope that's given you a bit of an insight into recovery from a chronic condition like rheumatoid arthritis. It is absolutely possible to recover, but it takes a lot of persistence and hard work on your part. Either that or you stay on pharmaceutical drugs for 10, 20 or 30 years plus and pay the consequences of the devastating side effects of these treatments. The ball is in your court.
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Thanks for checking out my video.

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